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Others' Truths zine

Image of Others' Truths zine


"Others' Truths", Know Hopes tenth zine is comprised of a series of drawings, texts and observations collected during the past year.

While working on the zine, Know Hope focused on the idea of 'truisms', which are often adopted without questioning; by the use of the image of the flag in his work, Know Hope attempts to research the concepts of patriotism and nationalism, not necessarily from a directly political stance, but from a viewing point of the personal or private human condition in relation to the more general and collective.

"Others' Truths" is in a way a continuation of Know Hopes research, attempting to understand the current situation that we find ourselves in, being born into a charged reality structured on the foundations of past and outdated morals and values.

"Others' Truths" is independently published in an edition of 1000. The zines are soft cover and have 64 b/w pages.

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